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Pet Shipping Pet Transportation

Are you tired of all the hassles associated with shipping your pet? Tired of spending long hours on the phone with the airlines to book your flight, waking up early in the morning to drive to the airport, standing in line to check in your pet and then being turned away because of one reason or another?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you: Airbound Pets, Inc. You simply go to our booking page, fill out the information required, then wait to hear back from us. One of our friendly, professional staff will contact you by email with all information you will need to ship your pet.

WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!! AND we can even save you money over going to the airport yourself with our competitive, discounted rates with the major airlines. We use many airlines, not just one or two, to give your pet the quickest and most affordable flight to its new destination. PLUS We can even meet you at many of our convenient pickup locations throughout Missouri, and transport them to Kansas City, MCI Airport. And, if for some reason Friday's do not work for your shipping needs, we can book your pet to go out of Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Mo or Tulsa, OK airport and you can take them yourself. A small booking fee will be charged for this service, but it will still save you money from paying at the counter.

You may provide your own crate to ship your pet in, or we can have one ready for you. Our customers can feel at ease knowing that we ourselves, personally take your animals to the airport, we do not hire anyone else to take them to the airport for us. Our vehicles are climate controlled, and crates are fully secured on shelves, not stacked. We also do not remove them from their crates while in our care, so that no mixups can arise. We are well known at the airport as being efficient and well organized, which means, no missed flights or lost paperwork.

Owned and operated by Jerry and DeEtta Simmons of Grovespring, MO, Airbound Pets, Inc. has been in business since December of 2005. Our 2,400 square foot facility is well equipped for our staff to better serve you.

  • We are USDA licensed and fully insured.
  • We never charge a late booking or cancellation fee.
  • There are no sign up fees or contracts to sign EVER!

Pet Shipping Pet Transportation

If you have any questions, please call or email us.

Pet Shipping Pet Transportation
Pet Shipping Pet Transportation
Pet Shipping Pet Transportation

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Use our online booking system for convenient 24/7 service.

We email all flight information back
within 7-10 days of shipping date.

New customers must fill out our
New Customer Sign Up form

Office: 417-462-3132
417-462-PETS (7387)

Airbound Pets, Inc., Pet Transporting, Grovespring, MO
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